GENERICO.ruMedicineThe nutritionist answered whether it is worth worrying about the excess weight gained during the holidays

The nutritionist answered whether it is worth worrying about the excess weight gained during the holidays

Dietitian Tatyana Lakusta advises not to forbid yourself tasty food for the holidays.

I give you permission to stay calm and eat. My eyes are already tired of the posts about & # 171; safe Olivier and safety at the table & # 187;. One gets the impression that we are being assembled for a war or to work in a uranium mine: safety rules, behavior techniques, risks – and this is all about the holiday, reports with reference to Telegraph.

Guys, relax. Eat . Drink a glass of sparkling wine, be glad that the tense year is over, that your loved ones are close and alive. What I want to say about weight gain: those who have tried hard to lose weight for the holiday will gain, remove all carbohydrates, sit on 1200 kcal, drain a couple of kg of water on salads … diet circle. And I am ashamed of the nutritionists who provoke this with the phrases & # 171; I will burn your fat for the new year & # 171 ;.

In 2000, a study was conducted to find out the average weight gain for the New Year holidays. And this is not 3-5 kg. It turned out to be about & nbsp; 370 gr . Not scary, right? Therefore, let me remind you that from a week that is out of your regular nutrition schedule, insulin or weight will not rise to heaven, but anxiety may well.

People are afraid to eat. I am not exaggerating and this is not only about RPP. Ordinary people, having read science, medical publics, are afraid to eat, suffer the pangs of hunger. Because insulin. & Nbsp; Extremes are bad .

So I ask you: eat, rest, lie in bed, stop thinking about constantly working off what you have eaten. People with food binge – they know without my reminder for the holiday that their lifestyle, food style requires changes and obviously they will not start changing it in the New Year. But it will strengthen the feeling of guilt. To stay at a healthy and stable weight, you need to establish a nutritional routine, learn to understand how much and what kind of food your body needs. And give it to him. It is very important to be able to trust yourself and let go of control in food.

A healthy diet and psyche is sometimes overeating or undernourishing, trusting your body and making mistakes in food choices . Such nutrition requires attention, but it does not draw all the time and thoughts onto itself by permanent weighing and control. Therefore, eat, rest, sleep and demand new achievements from yourself with renewed vigor.


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