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Ukrainian military missed when shooting from Javelin in Donbass

MOSCOW, 23 Dec. The Ukrainian military failed to hit the target when firing from the American Javelin anti-tank missile system during the exercise. The corresponding video was published by the Ukrainian “Channel 5”. On Wednesday it became known that the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted firing practice from Javelin in Donbass for the first time. Data on the use of Bayraktar and Javelin in the Donbass At the same time, the launch of Javelin at the same target, which is not engulfed in fire, is further demonstrated, while the missile misses the target and hits the ground far from it. The United States supplies Ukraine with a wide range of weapons and equipment, including patrol boats and a number of other weapons. In 2017, the Donald Trump administration approved the delivery of Javelin portable anti-tank missile systems to Kiev. As stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, since 2014, the United States has provided military assistance to Ukraine for 2.5 billion dollars, including more than 400 million this year, and recently Washington transferred to Kiev 30 Javelin missile systems and 180 missiles for them. … In 2022, the American authorities plan to spend another $ 300 million for this purpose. Zakharova stressed that this “definitely will not create conditions for the implementation of the Minsk agreements” and a peaceful solution to the conflict, and will not solve the humanitarian problems of the residents of Donbass. Ukraine is asking the US for air defense systems such as Patriot, media reported


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