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Moscow City Court liquidated the human rights center “Memorial”

The Moscow City Court satisfied the claim of the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office and decided to liquidate the Memorial Human Rights Center *. This was reported by a Novaya Gazeta correspondent from the courtroom.

“To satisfy the claim of the Moscow prosecutor’s office on the liquidation of the Memorial human rights center,” Judge Mikhail Kazakov ruled.

The judge announced only operative part of the decision. Dmitry Sukhorukov and Anastasia Averyanova acted as prosecutors at the debate. According to prosecutors, Memorial carries out its financial activities in a non-transparent manner, their reports allegedly lack complete information on income and expenses, which hinders control and “violates the rights of citizens”.

In particular, human rights defenders were charged with receiving funding from the UK, Norway, the Netherlands and other countries. The prosecutors also recalled their cooperation with OVD-Info ** and that the human rights center supported protest actions “aimed at destabilizing the country”. And the lists of political prisoners maintained by Memorial are aimed at forming a negative attitude towards the judicial system, according to the department.

Moscow City Court Hall. Photo: Andrey Karev/Novaya Gazeta

The Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office at the last meeting on December 23 stated that the absence of marking in the articles of the Memorial Human Rights Center could lead to a “depressive state.” “The formation of a negative image of the state, and the lack of labeling can cause a depressive state among citizens,” – said the prosecutor.

Also, as the prosecutor's office assured, the organization has a negative impact on the “spiritual and moral development of minors.” However, representatives of the supervisory agency could not present evidence to their arguments in court.

According to the chairman of the council of the human rights center Alexander Cherkasov, any court decision will confirm their correctness. “I would like to thank the representatives of the prosecutor's office for setting out the clear reasons for this claim. Not marking materials is just an excuse. References to the fact that the lack of labeling violates the rights of citizens is a projection, as psychologists would say. The main goal is to deprive citizens of access to information.

Thank you for mentioning “OVD-info”. They defend the rights of citizens to peaceful actions. Thank you for mentioning the work in the Caucasus and a special thank you for mentioning the work on political repression. – said Cherkasov. –

Political repression is bad. Whether it is repression for oppositionists or officials. But the fact is that this is not the most efficient way of government. We can be closed, but this very phenomenon and the interest of citizens, and the understanding of Russian citizens to this issue and this side of life – will not go anywhere. ”


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