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Petersburg lawyer dropped a claim against Santa Claus

MOSCOW, Dec 29 Igor Mirzoev, a lawyer from St. Petersburg, announced that he decided to refuse a lawsuit against Ded Moroz to make a gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin in honor of the New Year. Earlier, the Velikoustyug District Court of the Vologda Region registered Mirzoev's civil lawsuit against Ded Moroz JSC, in which a lawyer from St. Petersburg asks him to give him gifts for 23 years and make his dreams come true, and at the same time pay 10 million rubles in compensation. As the press service of the regional courts reported, the submitted documents did not contain a list of gifts and cherished wishes. Moroz, who was sued “After thinking hard, I decided that I want to give the president a New Year's gift in the form of the case he won. That is, I decided to abandon the claim and save Santa Claus from litigation,” Mirzoev wrote on his page at “In contact with”. He added that he is now waiting to meet with the president in person, as he has prepared another gift for him. At the final press conference of Putin, a journalist from the Vologda region told the head of state about Mirzoyev's lawsuit against Santa Claus. The President replied that he is also a lawyer from St. Petersburg and can act as a lawyer for Santa Claus and “remind the plaintiff that Santa Claus fulfills wishes and gives gifts only to good girls and boys.” Governor of the Vologda Region Oleg Kuvshinnikov said that the authorities will not give offense to the main wizard from Veliky Ustyug.


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