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Zhirinovsky commented on the presidential bill on citizenship

MOSCOW, Dec 29 LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, commenting on the presidential bill on Russian citizenship, told RIA Novosti that there are many novels in the project, possibly leading to the reunification of Russia's historical lands. The document provides for the simplification of the procedure for obtaining citizenship for more than 20 categories of persons, and also introduces the procedure for the termination of citizenship of the Russian Federation for people who have committed certain crimes. The State Duma Committee is ready to promptly consider the draft law on citizenship “It is possible that this will gradually lead to the reunification of the historical lands of Russia. But this time no republics or unions should be created. All unification processes are only under the flag of Russia and as administrative regions,” he said. Zhirinovsky: As the deputy noted, there are several important novelties in the new draft law on Russian citizenship. The document raises the status of the procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship, imposes special moral requirements on candidates, and also excludes the entry into Russian citizenship on formal grounds. “There can be no purchase of a Russian passport,” he said. Putin proposed to introduce the institution of termination of citizenship in Russia “Another innovation is that the population of the territories of the former USSR and all our former compatriots are, by default, endowed with a priority right to obtain Russian citizenship. At the same time, the procedure for them is accelerated to 3 months due to the transfer of part of the powers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is actually what the Liberal Democratic Party has been proposing for many years – to issue passports to Russians directly at the consulates of Russia, without any delay, “Zhirinovsky stressed. The Russian world still exists, and Russia remains its heart, without which the rest of the “body parts will simply die.” “And therefore, centripetal processes are still taking place on the outskirts of Russia, and we can only help them. Nobody needs to be forced into Russian citizenship, no one no need to persuade. This already happens, by itself. And we must only create conditions for the reunification of the former compatriots “, concluded Zhirinovsky.


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