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Zelensky instructed to find out whether Ukrainians were vaccinated with expired vaccines

KYIV, Dec 30 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in response to a petition on compulsory vaccination, instructed the country's cabinet of ministers to find out whether Ukrainians were vaccinated with expired drugs, according to a response to a petition published on the website of the head of state's office. Number of votes. The text of the petition stated that “people are vaccinated with expired vaccines under pain of dismissal from work or not receiving wages.” “Taking this into account, I turned to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a request to find out if there were any cases of using expired vaccines, and, if necessary, take appropriate measures The President also noted that compulsory vaccination does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine. “In relation to certain especially dangerous infectious diseases, compulsory medical examinations, preventive vaccinations, medical and quarantine measures can be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of Ukraine … According to the laws of Ukraine, in order to prevent the spread of other infectious diseases, employees of certain professions, industries and organizations, whose activities can lead to the infection of these workers and the spread of infectious diseases by them, are subject to mandatory preventive vaccinations her “, – noted in the answer. In October, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine approved a list of professions and organizations whose representatives are subject to mandatory vaccination against COVID-19. Officials and education workers unvaccinated from coronavirus are suspended from work. Later, the Ministry of Health expanded the list of professions for which vaccination against coronavirus is compulsory, to include employees of the management sphere of central executive authorities and social services. Earlier in different cities of Ukraine, including Kiev, there were protests of opponents of vaccination. Vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine started on February 24 – on this day, the country began to use the drug Covishield. CoronaVac has been in use since April 13, AstraZeneca since April 18, and Comirnaty since April 26. The Moderna vaccine has been available to everyone since July 22, but in mid-September, the head of the Ministry of Health announced that this vaccine had ended in the country. In November, the Moderna vaccine was brought back to the country.


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