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“Big construction”: how many roads have been built over the past few years

Interesting infographic released.

Funding road safety in 2020- 2021 amounted to UAH 16.3 billion. This is a two-fold increase in comparison with the indicators of 2016-2017, reports with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Funds are directed to minimize the number of accidents. Over the past two years, within the framework of the program & # 171; Velikie Budivnistvo & # 187; a record number of new lighting, sidewalks, markings and other elements have appeared on the highways to improve traffic safety. This made it possible to eliminate 28 places of concentration of road accidents.

In two years, Ukravtodor installed 96,000 new road signs at repair facilities and as part of its operation. Another 66,000 are planned for next year.

Together with & # 171; Agents of Change & # 187; a draft of a new road navigation has been developed, which allows preventing accidents due to incomprehensible markings, road signs, etc.

We also note that from March 1, 2021, all roads of international and national importance are subject to compulsory audit. This allows you to quickly identify and eliminate project shortcomings and refine them, guided by an expert assessment.

By 2024, Ukravtodor plans to eliminate all dangerous places on Ukrainian roads.


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