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Diabetes tax: “servant of the people” figured out how to improve the health of Ukrainians

Mikhail Radutsky suggested introducing an excise tax on sugar.

# 171; Servants of the People & # 187; cited the example of countries that introduced an excise tax on sugary drinks in order to combat obesity and diabetes. In some of them the excise tax reaches 45%, reports with reference to Focus.

The introduction of the new tax is initiated by the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the health of the nation, medical care and health insurance, Mikhail Radutsky. The consumption of carbonated drinks with a high sugar content negatively affects the health of Ukrainians, especially children, the MP claims on his Facebook page.

The People's Choice believes that a third of Ukrainian children often consume sweet soda. In addition, most parents do not mind that their children drink such water or sugary packaged juices, which seriously affects their health.

& # 171; It is not surprising that diabetes mellitus in Ukraine is actively & # 171; getting younger & # 187;. In recent years, there has been a very significant increase in the incidence among children of school and preschool age & # 187; – the deputy notes.

To fight this & # 171; servant of the people & # 187; proposes the introduction of a new tax on sugary drinks.

& # 171; According to the WHO report, an increase in the price of sugary drinks by even 20% leads to a decrease in their consumption and encourages consumers to switch to healthier alternatives & # 187; – approved by the parliamentarian.

As evidenced by the experience of France, Great Britain and other European countries, Radutsky writes, manufacturers are quite quickly adapting to the new rules – they reduce the sugar content in drinks to a level that allows them to avoid paying excise taxes. A similar tax exists in 65 states, claims & # 171; servant of the people & # 187; – from Mexico to South Africa. Poland, Kazakhstan and Israel have joined the list of these countries. From 2025, the excise tax in Kazakhstan will be 45%.

The Radutsky Committee should serve as a platform for dialogue and discussion of legislative initiatives.

& # 171; I invite my colleagues, MPs, together with economic experts, nutritionists, teachers, representatives of parental organizations, to discuss this important topic & # 187 ;, – wrote & # 171; servant of the people & # 187 ;.

It is worth noting that last month the Verkhovna Rada adopted the sensational law No. 5600, which will lead to an increase in many excise taxes and taxes, as well as an increase in prices for many groups of goods. As it was indicated in the explanatory note to the adopted law, resource taxes and fees have not been increased for more than 5 years and parliamentarians have corrected this. According to the new law, there will be an indexation of the rates of excise tax on alcohol, tobacco, ecology (fuel), as well as an increase in rent for the use of mineral resources, water, and forest resources. Regarding tobacco products, the regulation on electronic cigarettes has been improved, for alcohol – the stronger the drink, the higher the excise tax, and, according to preliminary estimates, the excise tax will increase the price of alcoholic beverages by about 5%.


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