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Kryanin appreciated Bolshunov's form before the Beijing Olympics

MOSCOW, Dec 31, Alexander Govorov. Skier Alexander Bolshunov must reach the peak form for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, said Sergei Kryanin, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation. Bolshunov finished second in the mass start today, losing to Norwegian skier Johannes Klebo. Third place was taken by another representative of Norway Shur Röthe. “I think Bolshunov's form is not yet close to optimal. In all starts they try different tactics of passing the distance. Today Klebo was tactically stronger, but Sasha is already resisting him. It can be seen that the whole training plan is lined up with the peak just before the Olympics in February. Now there is a rise in form. Breakage of Sasha's mount? This has a psychological effect and causes discomfort. Let it be a lesson so that this does not happen at the Games. By the shape of the rest of the team, I can say that someone- it might not have fully recovered. Nobody knows during such a multi-day trip how the body will behave. The guys somewhere could have skis that didn’t work so well, the move must have affected. Maybe they ate something wrong, “said Kryanin.


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