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Ministry of Emergency Situations told how not to burn out decorating a Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorated for the New Year MOSCOW, Dec 31 EMERCOM of Russia recalled the basic safety rules when installing a Christmas tree and which garlands should be avoided so as not to start a fire at home. “When installing a Christmas tree, make sure it is stable. Place a fire extinguisher nearby – it should always be at hand, read the instructions for its use again. and be prepared for any emergency situation. The use of flammable jewelry and electric garlands is fraught with a potential fire hazard. A living tree should not be installed near a battery and heating appliances. Exclude the use of candles and sparklers next to it, “RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the department. Rescuers do not recommend placing the Christmas tree at the exit from the premises, since in the event of fire it can turn into an insurmountable obstacle. content/uploads/2021/12/2d32d1c8716411f a8c9c5bb43253c334.jpg “/>The doctor told how to celebrate the New Year on the street without consequences “Garlands should be equipped with fuses, without them, during power surges, overheating and fire of the wiring may occur. Never turn on the garland if there are bare wires, as well as improvised connections. In addition, the elements of the garland do not must come into contact with the “rain”, because the metallized foil can close the wiring, “the department added. The garland itself must be checked before placing it on the tree. At home, it is recommended to use decorations in which the number of lights does not exceed 50; more than three garlands cannot be plugged into one outlet. If the garland does not contain at least one light bulb or there are obvious damages, it cannot be used. You should also turn off the garlands at night and when leaving the premises. Poll Have you decorated the house for the New Year? 0% Yes, I have a real New Year's atmosphere 0% I just decorated the Christmas tree 0% Not yet, but I'm going to 0% I don't decorate Vote Voted: December 28, 20:12 New Year – 2022


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