GENERICO.ruWorldRogozin announced plans to launch 50-75 missiles per year in a few years

Rogozin announced plans to launch 50-75 missiles per year in a few years

General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin MOSCOW, Dec 31 Russia will launch 50-75 rockets annually, when the active stage of deployment of the Sphere multisatellite orbital constellation begins, said Dmitry Rogozin, general director of Roscosmos. when we start to deploy a multi-satellite orbital constellation, “Rogozin said, congratulating Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov, who are now on the ISS. thus to the number of launches in 2019. In 2020, only 17 rockets were launched due to the pandemic. In “Roskosmos” they know how to create an “engineering miracle”, Rogozin said. He clarified that, according to experts' forecasts, a “launch boom” will begin in the world in 2025-2026. At the same time, Russia will be ready for it, Rogozin assured. In addition, now the Russian rocket scientists have all the competencies to launch several dozen vehicles into orbit in one launch. Rogozin said that they “trained” on the launches of communication satellites of the British company OneWeb. In 2022, the project to create a multi-satellite orbital constellation “Sphere”, which was sent several times to the government for approval over the course of three years, finally received funding. In total, about 380 satellites will be launched into orbit. The system will include seven Express devices, four Express-RV satellites, 12 Skif satellites for broadband Internet access and 264 Marathon satellites for the Internet of things. Also, Sphere will include two Yamal communications satellites, three Smotr remote sensing satellites, 84 Berkut-O and Berkut-VD optical observation devices and 12 Berkut-X and Berkut-XLP radar satellites. It is expected that Sphere will become a Russian competitor to foreign systems Starlink and OneWeb. Roscosmos executive director Alexander Bloshenko said that the project is planned to be financed for 2022-2024, annually 7 billion rubles will be allocated. Results of the year in astronautics: long-term construction in orbit and new money for the industry


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