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The Federation Council advised to refrain from visiting guests during the holidays

MOSCOW, Dec 31 The New Year holidays, like the holiday itself, are best spent with the family, refraining from visiting companies, restaurants and visiting, Senator, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krugly told RIA Novosti. This is especially true for those who deny the presence of the coronavirus, the presence of a pandemic as such. They are the most vulnerable group in terms of infection, “the politician said. According to Krugly,” a holiday is a holiday, and, of course, we must celebrate it. ” At the same time, the senator noted that traditionally in Russia it is customary to celebrate the New Year with the family. “It seems to me that it is nevertheless necessary for large companies, to avoid celebrating somewhere in a restaurant,” the senator said, explaining that other visitors could be a source of infection. The same applies to the New Year holidays, the legislator said. “It is better to devote this time to children, family, walks in the fresh air, observing simple rules that limit the possibility of contact. And if you need to go to a store, a shopping center, then carefully use personal protective measures,” he stressed. The Ministry of Emergency Situations told how not to burn out decorating the Christmas tree Speaking about possible trips to relatives during the holidays, Krugly admitted such a possibility, “if it is a family, family ties, people vaccinated.” “If we go to unvaccinated people, we need to understand that there is a threat to infect them. Each person needs to weigh the pros and cons, given the difficult situation that exists (with COVID),” the legislator believes. I recommend abstaining altogether, because it is not yet clear what is happening with the coronavirus in the world, “he said. The parliamentarian explained that the new strains can pose a threat even to the vaccinated. If you think about your safety, you should refrain from traveling around the country for now, he said. “For those who think about their safety, about their health, the health of their families, I advise you to skip these New Year holidays for now, stay at home and celebrate them with your family without the potential for getting sick,” the politician said. , there should be ordinary dishes familiar to Russians, you need to approach the celebration reasonably, “so as not to turn this into an additional burden on the body by overeating, drinking too much, and not getting carried away with strong alcoholic beverages.” “Better to walk,” concluded Krugly.


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