GENERICO.ruWorldThe Federation Council made a forecast for the outcome of negotiations between Russia and the United States on security

The Federation Council made a forecast for the outcome of negotiations between Russia and the United States on security

MOSCOW, Dec 31 The talks between the delegations of the Russian Federation and the United States on January 10 will prejudge the development of events in the field of security, said Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev. Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden held a telephone conversation on Friday night, it lasted 50 minutes. According to the Kremlin, Biden told Putin that the United States did not intend to deploy offensive strike weapons in Ukraine, and warned about possible sanctions, to which Putin replied that in this case, a breakdown in relations could follow, and Moscow would behave as it would. Washington is on the safe side. The White House noted that Biden called for a reduction in tensions around Ukraine and said that the United States would continue to monitor Russian forces and prepare for “any decisions by Putin on Ukraine.” The American leader announced the strengthening of NATO forces and additional assistance to Ukraine in the event of an escalation. Negotiations on security guarantees will begin with consultations in Geneva between the Russian Federation and the United States on January 10, then continue at a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on January 12 in Brussels and January 13 in Vienna in the OSCE. Especially to the negotiators on January 10, since by the 12th and 13th a lot (although not everything, of course!) will already be decided, “the senator wrote on Facebook. The politician noted that the details of the night conversation between the presidents of Russia and the United States there are so many, but “there are enough of them to add a bit of optimism to the current situation.” He suggested looking at what had happened “through the eyes of a pessimist who is always ready for the worst.” “After all, it could have happened that the conversation would simply not have taken place. For example, with reference to the fact that” experts must meet first “… But there was a conversation, and it turned out to be well prepared on both sides, and because of this, it was substantive,” – Kosachev emphasized. “Important action”: the Kremlin disclosed the content of Putin's conversation with Biden It could happen that the schedule for discussing Russian proposals could be reduced by the Americans only to the NATO format convenient for them on January 12, without Russian-American talks on January 10 and consultations within the OSCE on January 13. he added. “No, the presidents agreed on the complex sequence of 10-12-13, and this is also very important,” the legislator wrote. He believes that in the course of the conversation, Biden could theoretically identify those sections of the Russian proposals that Washington would even discuss in principle. refuses. “This is not the case, the agenda remains comprehensive. That, of course, does not prejudge the outcome of the negotiations, but does not make them senseless a priori. Moreover, very important statements were made about Ukraine (refusal to deploy offensive strike weapons, first of all),” Kosachev said . In his opinion, “if we use New Year's terminology – while the glass of champagne is more likely half full than half empty.” “And this remains the hope that 2021 will go down in history as the culmination of everything bad that could happen – at least in the security sphere. What will be better next. And then, you see, we will defeat the coronavirus by joint efforts,” the parliamentarian concluded. img src = “/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/05e46f4d316d75baa33945804b4b64e8.jpg” /> A step away from nuclear war. What awaits the world in 2022


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