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Unexpected benefits of coffee named

MOSCOW, Dec 31. Drinking coffee has a beneficial effect on liver function, writes The Mirror, citing scientists from the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh. Researchers took data from 495,585 people from the UK Biobank. Four out of five drank ground or instant coffee, and two out of ten did not drink it at all. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that those who drink this drink reduced the risk of chronic liver diseases by 21 percent, and the probability of avoiding death with them increased by 40 percent. Named ways to increase the invigorating effect of coffee. It was also found that those who drank coffee had a 20 percent lower risk of steatosis. This effect was explained by the substances contained in the drink – caveol and cafeestol. “We conclude that coffee has a preventive effect, protecting against chronic liver disease. high load from chronic liver diseases “, – noted the lead author of the study, Oliver Kennedy. Earlier, doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov spoke about an important symptom of liver failure. According to him, this disease may be evidenced by bruises on the body, which appear when the blood clotting parameters deteriorate. /2021/12/e75a369ef71bcb378c3d0f88e7958aaf.jpg “/> No worse than a barista: how to brew coffee in a Turk – rules and best recipes


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