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Brussels intends to assign “green” status to nuclear energy

MOSCOW, 1 Jan. Brussels wants to assign a “green” status to nuclear power, as well as natural gas, the Financial Times reported, citing a draft document in its possession. According to it, “the European Commission has paved the way for investment in new nuclear power plants for at least the next two decades, and in natural gas for at least a decade.” It is noted that this is a classification within the framework of the EU taxonomy. The publication got acquainted with the draft document, which notes that the “green” status must be assigned to “controversial” energy sources, including nuclear energy and natural gas, under certain conditions. According to the newspaper, such a decision was adopted after the pro-nuclear group of countries led by France, as well as a number of pro-gas governments, demanded that the taxonomy “not penalize energy sources that provide most of their electricity production.” activities that are declared “environmentally sustainable”. It was created as part of the so-called “Green Deal”, the implementation of which is aimed at transforming the European Union in such a way as to reduce its negative impact on the environment. The move to climate neutrality was also part of the deal. The taxonomy, in particular, is intended to help direct investments in projects identified as more environmentally friendly. Putin saw no threat in the transition to alternative energy


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