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EU records first decline in sparkling wine exports in ten years

Wine bottles. Archive photo MOSCOW, January 1 The export of sparkling wines by the EU countries outside its borders in 2020 decreased for the first time in ten years, a significant decline is observed in sales of champagne, which is associated with the pandemic and the closure of restaurants, according to statistics European Union services Eurostat. “In 2020, EU sparkling wine exports to non-EU countries totaled 495 million liters, a decline from the 528 million liters exported in 2019. This was the first decline in non-EU sparkling wine exports in a decade.” – says the message on the Eurostat website. In Russia, offered to raise prices for sparkling winesIt is noted that the volume of exports decreased by 6%. At the same time, sales of champagne fell by more than 20%. Among the three largest categories of sparkling wine (champagne, cava and prosecco), champagne experienced the largest decline. Trade growth has been slowed by the coronavirus pandemic, as many bars and restaurants have been closed, according to the statistics office. 2021 data is not yet available. According to Agence France-Presse, which cites an official from the French Ministry of Commerce, Paris is continuing negotiations with Moscow over the law. on the naming of wine products. The new law at the beginning of July 2021 amended the regulation of the production and turnover of wine products in Russia. The amendments became known because of the scandal with the supply of Moet Hennessy products: based on the wording of the law, the term “champagne” can only be used in relation to drinks produced in Russia, and imported alcoholic beverages are defined as “sparkling wine”. Later, the Comité Champagne wine committee declared the new Russian law unacceptable in a statement. Champagne wine committee co-chairs Maxime Toubard and Jean-Marie Barillier urged French producers to suspend the supply of champagne to Russia. However, in early September, the Champagne Interprofessional Wine Committee decided to resume the supply of champagne to the Russian Federation from September 15th.


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