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Germans revived MEP criticizing Russia

EU logo MOSCOW, 1 Jan. The German magazine Der Spiegel published an article dedicated to the statement of the leader of the centrist European People's Party in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, about the participation of the European Union in the negotiations on Ukraine. As the politician previously stated in an interview with the Funke media group, the EU should be more actively involved in resolving the Ukrainian crisis and discussions on the future security architecture in Europe. “We should not be supplicants, we should be a factor of strength,” Weber said. At the same time, he called Russia's demands on guarantees of its security “in many respects unacceptable.”The British laughed at the EU for not being invited to discuss Ukraine , love to joke, “wrote the user Snof.” The EU should limit itself to what it is: a duty-free zone. 27 countries have different views on foreign policy, and no one has such a mandate to neglect them in favor of German ideas that then they are presented as “one,” “Schindelaar pointed out.” The EU is sitting at its own table, and that will not change either, “said oldy sarcastically. – expressed the opinion of Romani_ite_domum. “Ukraine is not a member of either the EU or NATO! Anyone who wants World War III must pursue this goal – Ukraine is in NATO. Unfortunately, now there are people in our government who some, due to their purely value-based approach, do not see this danger and encourage Russia and China to come closer together. Yes, and Mr. Weber still “failed” long ago and is no longer taken seriously, “- said Spitzweg.” The Europeans are just recipients of orders from the Americans, so please just wait for them, “added another user. Weber is known as an opponent of the project. Nord Stream 2 and a supporter of maintaining sanctions against Russia. The United States and its allies suspect Russia of preparing an alleged “invasion” of Ukraine and are threatening unprecedented sanctions if the plans attributed to it are carried out. Moscow does not threaten anyone and does not intend to attack anyone, but moves the Armed Forces at home and at its own discretion. According to the Russian authorities, such attacks are used as an excuse to deploy more NATO forces near the country's borders. As President Vladimir Putin previously emphasized, further expansion of NATO to the east and the deployment of offensive weapons on Ukrainian territory and in countries adjacent to Russia – this is kr Strong lines for Moscow. Against the background of tensions over Ukraine, Russia and the United States are planning to hold a meeting in the format of a strategic dialogue at the level of representatives of the Foreign Ministry on January 10. A meeting of the Russia-NATO Council is scheduled for January 12, a multilateral meeting at the OSCE site is to be held a day later. Atlantico: Putin gave Europe one last chance to make peace with Russia


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