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Greek scientist named the end date of the pandemic

ATHENS, 1 Jan The wave of infections with the omicron coronavirus will subside by 20 February. probably the last mutation of COVID-19, professor Demosthenes Sariyannis told the news site Newsbeast at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. A well-known scientist in Greece referred to a mathematical model for the development of the next “rampant” wave of the pandemic. The last five days in Greece, new records of coronavirus infection have been recorded every day – on Friday there were 40.5 thousand cases, and the omicron strain became the predominant strain in the country. According to Sariyannis, the upward trend will continue until January 20-22, the average level for the week will reach 66 thousand cases of infection. In practice, this means that there may be days when there will be 80,000 or even 100,000 cases of coronavirus per day, said Sariyannis, who believes that calculating the average weekly level is a more accurate method than the daily one. after the peak of the omicron wave, its decline will already end. Then the average weekly number of infections will be 3500 – 4000 cases. Then we will have the end of the omicron, and a very large part of our society will have immunity, “Sariyannis said. Japanese scientists are developing a lifelong COVID-19 vaccine. omicron “is the last leap of the coronavirus, which we observe, which is very likely, in no case should the logic of complacency prevail, that we will all easily get sick and finish,” the scientist added.


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