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How to make your New Year wishes come true

New Year tree MOSCOW, Jan 1 Before the New Year, it is customary to make wishes and make plans for change life. There are several important rules for how to renew your life. Psychotherapist Anna Storey tells about them to the agency “Prime”. In her opinion, the most difficult thing is to decide what you want. thinking to get to the depths of your subconscious “, – explains Storey. Having decided on the desires, you can begin to draw up a plan for their implementation.” It is very important to divide the plans of grandiose accomplishments into small concrete steps – otherwise your new life will remain an inaccessible fantasy “, – she said. When compiling a list, you need to carefully observe your “Inner Critic” – a negative voice that causes unfulfilled plans. Phrases like: “You will never succeed, don't even try!” or “Look, what you aimed at” are recommended write in a separate notebook. The better you get to know your “Critic”, the easier it will be to deal with him, the specialist is convinced. This is the key to a new life in the coming year. Santa Claus wished children and adults a Happy New Year


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