GENERICO.ruWorldIn Russia in 2022 the minimum age for buying weapons will increase

In Russia in 2022 the minimum age for buying weapons will increase

Cartridges in the store MOSCOW, Jan 1 In Russia in 2022 it will grow from 18 to 21 years, the minimum age for the purchase of certain types of weapons, the relevant amendments to the legislation will come into force on June 29. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law introducing additional grounds for refusing to issue a license to acquire weapons and raising the age of acquiring hunting and smooth-bore long-barreled firearms for self-defense from 18 up to 21 years old, 28 June last year. The current version of the Law on Weapons prohibits persons under the age of 21 years from buying limited firearms. The innovations will exclude for them the possibility of buying hunting and smooth-bore long-barreled self-defense weapons. At the same time, a number of exceptions will remain in the law regarding those who have served or are serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces or are working in state paramilitary organizations. In addition, this requirement does not apply to representatives of indigenous minorities. peoples of Russia engaged in traditional trades, as well as to those professionally engaged in hunting and employees of organizations with special tasks prescribed in the charter. From the age of 18, as before, it will be possible to buy gas, sports, hunting weapons for sports, as well as edged weapons, which worn along with national costumes. Putin signed a law exempting the military from weapons testing licenses


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