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NASA told about plans to cooperate with partners on the ISS until 2030

WASHINGTON Dec 31 US Space Agency chief Bill Nelson said the current US administration is committed to extending the operation of the International Space Station until 2030 and is willing to work with international partners on the ISS, including Russia, for this, NASA reported. “Nelson announced today the Biden-Harris administration's commitment the goal of continuing to operate the ISS until 2030 and working with international partners in Europe, Japan, Canada and Russia to ensure that ground-breaking research carried out at this unique orbiting laboratory continues until the end of this decade, “says a post on NASA's website. Rogozin urged not to rush to develop a super-heavy rocket According to Nelson, the ISS is a beacon of peaceful international cooperation and “has brought tremendous scientific, educational and technological achievements for the benefit of humanity.” 2030 “, – quoted Nelson on the NASA website. The importance of US participation in the ISS project, he explained by the desire for innovation, competitiveness, advancement of research and technology,” necessary to send the first woman and the first black man to the moon under the NASA Artemis program. ” as well as progress towards sending humans to Mars. “More nations are active in space, so it is more important than ever that the United States continues to lead the world in growing international alliances and the issue of creating rules and regulations for the peaceful and responsible use of space. Extension of work until 2030 will provide another productive decade of research progress and about will ensure a smooth transition to capabilities in low Earth orbit, “Nelson said.


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