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Old-age insurance pensions have increased in Russia

Russian rubles MOSCOW, January 1 5.9%, but maternity capital will be indexed in February based on actual inflation. Earlier, maternity capital funds were also indexed since the beginning of the new year, but in 2021, President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with deputies of the State Duma of the new convocation, proposed to switch to the indexation of maternal capital from 2022. capital not according to the forecast, but according to the actual inflation. This will be done from February 1. The President said during a large press conference that the indexation of pensions should correspond to the inflation rate. According to him, the Russian government will have to do everything to keep the promises of previous years. Also, on January 1, the law on the unconditional procedure for receiving insurance and social disability pensions comes into force. A similar norm is introduced for all insurance pensions if they are revised upward, the law provides for the possibility of early payment and delivery of pensions in an emergency. Non-working persons who have been set to increase the fixed payment for 30 years of work in agriculture, when leaving the countryside, will continue to receive the increase. The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation will also begin informing citizens every three years through the Gosuslugi portal about the amount of pension savings. The starting point will be 45 years for men and 40 years for women. Also, from January 1, the payment of benefits for citizens with children, including pregnant wives of military personnel, payments to citizens exposed to radiation, benefits, compensation to family members of military personnel and payments to the disabled will be transferred to the federal level. 50% insurance. Minimum wages and living wages have increased in Russia


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