GENERICO.ruWorldRescuers in Moscow released a dog stuck in a gate

Rescuers in Moscow released a dog stuck in a gate

MOSCOW, Jan 1 Rescuers rescued the pet from being frightened by the muzzle stuck between the wickets on the dogs site in Moscow, RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the department of GOChSiPB of the capital. According to the press service, on Novocherkassk Boulevard, the dog got stuck with its muzzle in the bars of the gate on the dog site. The owners specially waited to go for a walk with the pet after the end of the fireworks, but the dog got scared of a firecracker that exploded nearby, rushed to the dog's playground and hit the closed gate with his nose. View this post on Instagram

Publication from OPSO & # 34; SpasReserve & # 34; (@spasrezerv)

“At first, the residents tried to cope on their own. The neighbors brought a hacksaw for metal, but they failed to cut the grate. SpasRezerv volunteer rescuers used a hydraulic tool to bite into the reinforcement. The dog did not resist the rescuers. He endured until the very end.” The press service added that after the release, the rescuers escorted the dog and the owner home. on new year's eve


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