GENERICO.ruSport"They dishonor the country." Russian hockey players were removed from a flight in Canada with a scandal

“They dishonor the country.” Russian hockey players were removed from a flight in Canada with a scandal

Alexander Govorov Sports correspondent All materials The first day of 2022 began with a loud scandal in hockey. The Russian youth team was removed from a flight in Canada due to refusal to wear a mask, drunken behavior and smoking. Together with ours, the Czechs were also caught, but they are trying to dump all the blame on the Russian team. What happened at the Canadian airport? The coach of the Russian national team smoked on the plane? The morning of January 1 ceased to be languid when the news came from Canada. The Russian national team was not put on a flight from Calgary to Frankfurt. The source said that there were cases of non-observance of the mask regime, the members of the Czech delegation had beer with them. But that's not all. There was information that the head coach of the Russian “youth team” smoked in the so-called “sleeve” – ​​the ladder that connects the plane with the terminal building. Later, Zubov himself confirmed the information that the national teams of Russia and the Czech Republic did not fly out of Calgary, but denied the news that smoked. But he did not hide the fact that non-observance of the mask regime really took place. A little later, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation issued a statement: “The main complaint of the carrier against the representatives of the Russian delegation, because of which the team was removed from the flight, are medical masks that were worn by all members of the delegation, but, according to representatives of the Canadian airline, they were worn incorrectly. “, – the FHR said in a statement.


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