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Ukraine has found the “shortest path” for Russian troops to Kiev

Serviceman MOSCOW, 1 Jan. When Russia “attacks” Ukraine, the main blow will be delivered not from Donbass, but along the “shortest route”. This opinion was expressed on the air of the NTA TV channel by Denis Prokopenko, the commander of the Azov regiment, against whose members a criminal case has been initiated in Russia. The blow, he claims, will be delivered in the direction of Bryansk – Kiev. kilometers, and this will be the shortest way to take possession of our (Ukrainian – Ed.) capital and force the authorities to further surrender, “- said Prokopenko. Russia is regularly accused of allegedly preparing an invasion of Ukraine, every now and then there are” data ” the plan and timing of the “attack”. The Kremlin believes that such attacks are used as an excuse to deploy more military equipment and NATO forces near the borders, and Moscow has also repeatedly emphasized that the country poses no threat to anyone. An ex-SBU officer spoke about Ukraine's preparations for sabotage in Russia. Nevertheless, President Vladimir Putin reminded that NATO's eastward expansion and the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine are red lines for Russia. On the eve of the US Vice President Kamala Harris threatened Russia with “unprecedented” sanctions over the situation in Ukraine. In response, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed the hope that the madmen on the issue of relations with Russia will not prevail in the West.


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