GENERICO.ruWorldMirror: British military ordered to simulate activity near Russia

Mirror: British military ordered to simulate activity near Russia

Servicemen in Britain. Archival photo MOSCOW, 3 Jan. The British military stationed in Estonia near the border with Russia was ordered to simulate the activity, according to the Mirror, citing a source. According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on December 20 and was associated with the visit of the commander of the British Armed Forces, Admiral Tony Radakin.

& # 34; According to a Sunday Mirror source, senior management wanted to show the Chief of Defense Staff that the troops involved in Operation Cabrit & # 34; in Estonia, do not slow down by Christmas & # 34 ;, – the newspaper wrote.

It is clarified that more than 900 British troops are concentrated near the Russian border in Estonia. According to the source, during Radakin's visit to the hangar with weapons, the soldiers had to pretend that they are engaged in technical inspection of armored vehicles. In particular, the servicemen were ordered to open all the hatches and start the engines of the cars, as well as bring the manuals. /2022/01/3eda077d4d02294f0b72be4ed91c9438.jpg “/> Zakharova told how Britain is shaking the situation in Russia


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