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Muscovites warned about frost and heavy snowfall

Snow in Moscow MOSCOW, Jan 2 A stormy wind will rise on Wednesday, Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading employee of the Phobos weather center, told RIA Novosti. According to him, the first day of January in Central Russia was warm, but on Sunday the temperature returned to the climatic norm. The forecaster promised a premature spring in Moscow “On Tuesday and Wednesday, the thermometer readings will turn out to be two to three degrees lower than the norm. five to ten. At the same time, the probability of light snowfall will remain, “- said the forecaster. According to him, Wednesday will be marked by stormy incidents.

& # 34; Moscow is attacked by a very active Atlantic cyclone from the west, which will bring with it heavy and wet snowfalls with a total rainfall of about ten millimeters, which is 25 percent of the monthly norm. At the same time, gusts of wind will reach stormy values: up to 15-20 meters per second. Visibility will decrease to one kilometer or less, on wires and tree branches – sticking of wet snow. The snowdrifts will grow from 26 to 30 centimeters. Such difficult meteorological conditions will cause snow drifts, rolls and overlaps, as well as ice phenomena, which will significantly worsen the road situation. Most likely, it will not do without disruptions in air traffic and power line breaks & # 34 ;, – said Tishkovets.

He specified that the daytime temperature will rise to minus two – plus three. Atmospheric pressure will collapse to the very bottom of the baric abyss, up to 725 millimeters of mercury, which is 20 units lower than the multiyear norm. “On Thursday it will freeze a little, ice will form, and on Friday, January 7, in the afternoon, in the rear of the cyclone, accompanied by fleeting charges of snow , moderate Epiphany frosts will hit – up to minus 7-12 “, – added the meteorologist. On Saturday, the cold will increase to minus 14-19, but on Sunday the temperature will rise by several degrees, concluded Tishkovets. The forecaster told what the weather will be for Muscovites in January


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