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How internal organs respond to alcohol withdrawal

It's time to experiment and give up alcohol.

It would seem , will alcohol do much harm to the body, if not abused regularly? Friday stormy party, Saturday soulful dinner with wine, a couple of cans of beer a week with a good movie & # 8230; Well, holidays, birthdays and other occasions – of course. This is how many people live & # 8230; And try to completely give up alcohol for two months? And we will tell you how your body will change. ”/p> Liver

She, mother, long-suffering, standing at the forefront of the & nbsp; fight against & nbsp; toxins, will also be especially grateful to you. And & nbsp; it could be put first on this list, because the liver suffers from alcohol in the first place. But, according to many studies, it is believed that if a person drank alcohol in moderation, then a month is enough for the liver to restore its work and & nbsp; return to its normal state, both in terms of & nbsp; volume and & nbsp; functionality. During & nbsp; this time improves and & nbsp; cholesterol levels, decreases blood viscosity.

But if your case is chronic alcohol abuse, then one month will not be enough. Minimum & nbsp; – from & nbsp; two months to & nbsp; six months. And you will have to contact your doctor to diagnose the condition of the organ, prescribe medications and & nbsp; diet.


Alcohol abuse leads to & nbsp; an increase in the amount of proteins in & nbsp; pancreatic juice. They block the excretory ducts of the pancreas, which can lead to organ fibrosis. Therefore, a temporary moratorium on & nbsp; alcohol will also have a very good effect on the & nbsp; work of the pancreas.


Suffers from & nbsp; alcohol, especially strong. His mucous membrane is irritated by & nbsp; ethyl alcohol and & nbsp; can even become covered with ulcers. You cannot & nbsp; imagine how this organ can begin to work, after only two months after “rest”.


We hope you and & nbsp; yourself know that alcohol disrupts the work of the cerebral cortex: cells die from & nbsp; oxygen starvation. Regular drinking (even if it happens twice a week, on weekends) disrupts brain function.

It is believed that ethanol leaves the human brain within & nbsp; 21 days after the last drinking. But this is in & nbsp; if a person drank, so to speak, in moderation. In more advanced cases, recovery takes much longer.

Spanish scientists have conducted studies that have shown that chronic alcohol abuse leads to the fact that even after one and a half months of abstinence from intoxicating drinks, pathological changes continue to occur in the white matter of the brain.


Another hard worker who fights for our health non-stop. He, too, needs a rest from the & nbsp; overloads that alcoholic beverages deliver to the body. The toxins that are formed in the & nbsp; & nbsp; result of the breakdown of alcohol lead to & nbsp; heart rhythm disturbances, increase blood pressure, thicken the blood. Refusal from & nbsp; alcohol even for & nbsp; 30 days will already help reduce the load on the heart, normalize blood pressure and & nbsp; pulse.

Nervous system

Irritability, depression, insomnia. All these are the consequences of an excessive passion for drinks that are stronger than tea and & nbsp; coffee. After two months of “diet”, you don't & nbsp; recognize yourself. You will sleep much better, longer, without unnecessary night awakenings. The world will sparkle with new colors. The taste and & nbsp; sense of smell will be richer.


After 21 days of complete sobriety, your skin will thank you. The irritation and & nbsp; rashes on the & nbsp; face will disappear. Its color will become more uniform and & nbsp; healthy. Bags under & nbsp; eyes and & nbsp; swelling will go away. Don't you & nbsp; want to be beautiful? You have the opportunity to solidify your & nbsp; & nbsp; resolve not to drink (or drink less) by looking at & nbsp; your beautiful reflection in the & nbsp; mirror until & nbsp; the end of the two-month embargo.


Yes! And they too! They, too, are susceptible to the destructive effects of alcohol. Dry mouth that occurs after drinking alcohol is a consequence of impaired salivation. A lack of saliva destroys tooth enamel. Therefore, after two months, you will be surprised to see your teeth whitened.

It's worth it

When you finish your two month experiment, you will see how much your quality of life has improved. And, perhaps, this personal experience will inspire you so much that you will part with alcohol forever, as many people do now. There is so much to do in life! So don't let alcohol get in the way.


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