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Russia to send three Progress cargo spacecraft to ISS

Progress MS-18 cargo ship MOSCOW, Jan 4 Three launches of cargo ships ” Progress “to the International Space Station is expected in 2022,” Roscosmos reported on Tuesday. It is noted that all of them will pass from the launcher No. 6 of the site No. 31 (“Vostok”) of the Baikonur cosmodrome. The first launch of the Soyuz-2.1a Baikonur rocket is scheduled for February 15 at 07.25 Moscow time. Progress MS-19 spacecraft, which, according to preliminary data, will have to stay in space for more than a year – 370 days. The second cargo vehicle Progress MS-20 this year will embark on a 173-day flight on June 3 at 12.33 Moscow time. scheduled for October 26 at 03.19 ms To. “Progress MS-21” is expected to stay in orbit for 247 days. Each of the spacecraft will deliver to the International Space Station cargo with a total mass of more than 2.5 tons necessary to maintain its flight in manned mode and implement the Russian program of scientific and applied research. control and sanitary and hygienic provision, items of clothing, standard food rations and fresh food, as well as refueling fuel, drinking water in the Rodnik system tanks and compressed air in cylinders for oxygen supply. ISS orbit will be corrected on January 12


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