GENERICO.ruMedicineNutritionists have suggested how to quickly lose 2-3 kg after the holidays

Nutritionists have suggested how to quickly lose 2-3 kg after the holidays

You can do without diet, doctors are sure.

What do nutritionists do to maintain a healthy weight or lose a few extra pounds? We have collected several recommendations from people who know exactly what to do to resist excess weight.Yes, you understood everything correctly: to get and & nbsp; maintain a good figure, in most cases it is enough just to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet. There are a lot of fruits and & nbsp; vegetables, choose “complex” carbohydrates with & nbsp; rich in fiber, do not forget about & nbsp; healthy fats (nuts, fatty fish) and & nbsp; actively move. But diets for the most part “swing” the metabolism and & nbsp; eventually lead to the fact that the body stores fat, and not & nbsp; processes it into & nbsp; energy. Do you want to lose weight? Get off your & nbsp; diet!

Allow yourself “forbidden” foods

This is what the doctor ordered: from time to time indulge yourself with non-dietary and & nbsp; even “harmful” foods – otherwise, one day your willpower will not & nbsp; cope with & nbsp; craving for & nbsp; “tasty” and & nbsp; you will find yourself behind & nbsp; eating portions of junk food. Plus, when you know you can go to & nbsp; any moment and & nbsp; eat a candy or cheeseburger, it's easier for you to convince yourself to put off a bad treat for & nbsp; later. And & nbsp; and & nbsp; later. And & nbsp; more. You'd be surprised, but it also & nbsp; really works.

Don't overeat

Even the most healthy and & nbsp; diet food will not & nbsp; help you lose weight if you overeat regularly. To avoid this, firstly, it is worth controlling your portions (pay attention to & nbsp; these tricks that will help you eat less), and, secondly, eat fractionally. If you divide your daily ration into & nbsp; five or six parts so that you eat something every three hours, you simply will not have time to get hungry enough to eat too much. Well, and, of course, you shouldn't forget the good old rule: eat slowly, chew thoroughly and & nbsp; be sure to take breaks and & nbsp; listen to & nbsp; yourself.

Eat protein for & nbsp; breakfast

20-30 grams of protein for breakfast – and you wouldn't even think of a snack before lunch. What's more, in one study of 4,000 volunteers, a protein breakfast ultimately helps you eat less at lunchtime, according to one study. So, those participants in the experiment who ate 30-40 grams of protein at breakfast, on average, ate 175 calories less for lunch. Researchers are confident that this effect is achieved due to the fact that the protein activates the production of the hormone responsible for the feeling of fullness.

Keep a food diary

Several studies have immediately confirmed that people who record the meals they eat are in the end more successful and & nbsp; easier lose weight and keep it more successful. Choose the app for your smartphone & nbsp; or start a good old paper diary altogether – and & nbsp; you will notice changes in eating behavior (and therefore & nbsp; in weight) after & nbsp; a week or two. We don't & nbsp; know how it works, but it always works!

Brush your teeth

Not only will your dentist praise you, but also your figure. Brushing your teeth right after dinner can help reduce nighttime fridge raids and evening snacks before bed, according to several studies. The thing is that brushing your teeth is a kind of symbolic point, a sign that food is over for today. Psychologically, it's much more difficult to get your mouth dirty again after you've brushed your teeth.


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