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Kosachev commented on the words of the Polish general about Kaliningrad

Cities of Russia. KaliningradMOSCOW, March 26 Polish leaders need to know the history of World War II and their own country better, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev told RIA Novosti on Saturday, commenting on the statement of the ex-commander of the Polish ground forces about the Kaliningrad region. Earlier, General Waldemar Skshipchak expressed the opinion that Poland could lay claim to the Kaliningrad region. In an interview with Super Express, he said that the Kaliningrad region has been “under Russian occupation since 1945”. “Apparently, this general either didn’t even go to school in principle, or totally skipped all the lessons of history – both World War II and his own country,” Kosachev noted. According to him, “the horror is that such illiterate truants who do not remember kinship and have no conscience are becoming more and more in the West. The brainwashing pipeline has been running all these years non-stop – and “this is a monstrous result,” the senator concluded. The modern Kaliningrad region is located on the territory of the former German province of East Prussia. In 1945, the battles of the East Prussian operation of the Soviet troops took place here. After the end of World War II, by decision of the Potsdam Conference, part of East Prussia (about a third) was ceded to the USSR, the rest of the territory to Poland.


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