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“Impossible to repeat”: the agent explained how cool Malkin is

MOSCOW, March 28, Andrey Senchenko. Russian striker of the National Hockey League club ( NHL) “Pittsburgh Penguins” Evgeni Malkin is one of the greatest hockey players in history, says the agent of the 35-year-old striker Gennady Ushakov. In the NHL regular season match against the Detroit Red Wings (11: 2), Malkin scored a hat-trick and scored . As a result of the meeting, the Russian took a clear third place among the best snipers in the history of Pittsburgh, overtook Pavel Bure in the ranking and became the fifth NHL sniper of all time among Russians, and also caught up with Sergei Fedorov in the list of assistants in the history of the league among Russian hockey players. “Since the time of the Soviet Union, we have been conducting such rhetoric that when an athlete reaches the age of 30, one can call him old. But this is not so. Evgeny (Malkin) is now 35 years old, he leads a correct lifestyle, trains correctly, and treats his health rationally and body. Therefore, Evgeny is still at the highest level and will remain at it for at least the next four or five years, “Ushakov said. “I completely agree with the statement of Mike Sullivan (Pittsburgh head coach) that Zhenya is one of the greatest hockey players of all time.There are game moments that are not always seen on TV.Because I often watch matches with Gino from the stands, I notice them.I can say so: what Malkin does on the ice, there is nothing to compare. These are absolutely unique things that cannot be repeated. Sometimes Malkin says: “Oh, this is a great performance by such and such a player,” and I answer him: “But what you do, no one will repeat and does not even expect such a thing.” And for him, this is all elementary, although an ordinary person cannot afford it,” he said.


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