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Putin never refused to meet with Zelensky, Lavrov said

Russian President Vladimir PutinMOSCOW, March 28 Russia, Vladimir Putin has never refused a meeting with Vladimir Zelensky, but it is important that this meeting be well prepared. “President Putin has repeatedly commented on this topic and just recently returned to it again, answering questions from his foreign colleagues with whom he is in a regular dialogue, including on the situation in Ukraine. He said that he never refused to meet with President Zelensky, the only thing he considers fundamentally important is that these meetings are well prepared,” the minister said during an interview Serbian media. Lavrov added that now “the situation is this, and this crisis situation in Ukraine, the intra-Ukrainian conflict, it has matured for so long, all these years, that a huge number of problems have accumulated, so just build yelling and exchanging “what do you think, what do I think?” it's just going to be counterproductive now”. and Zelensky


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