GENERICO.ruSportArustamyan spoke about the prospects of the RFU in the context of FIFA sanctions

Arustamyan spoke about the prospects of the RFU in the context of FIFA sanctions

MOSCOW, March 28 Well-known journalist Nobel Arustamyan spoke about the prospects of the Russian Football Union (RFU) under the sanctions of the International Football Federation (FIFA). On Thursday, March 31, a meeting of the FIFA Congress will be held, at which the future of the RFU in the organization will be discussed. According to the journalist, several European football federations called for this. Arustamyan believes that following the meeting, FIFA can either suspend the RFU for two years (one of them conditionally), or permanently suspend the RFU's membership in the organization. to the Asian Confederation.Israel is a striking example of such a transfer.The local team competes in UEFA not because of confusion in geography – no, in 1964 Israel hosted and won the Asian Cup.Under the auspices of UEFA, the Israelis moved after the boycott by the Arab states. It is quite possible that in this case the RFU will try to follow a similar path – on the sidelines they are talking about this option quite actively. The change of registration will slightly soften the discourse around Russian football. European teams and clubs are unlikely to want to play with Russia in the coming years, and there is no such pressure in Asia,” Arustamyan wrote in his Telegram channel. The journalist also noted that the likelihood of serious sanctions against the RFU is very high.


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