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In the United States assessed the danger of missiles “Caliber”

Launch of the Kalibr high-precision cruise missile . File photoMOSCOW, Apr 29The Russian Kalibr cruise missile, which is undergoing modernization, will pose a threat to NATO for years to come, writes The National Interest columnist Chris Osborne. -Antey,” Yan Novikov, in an interview with the National Defense magazine, said that the concern is working to improve the flight performance of the Kalibr missiles.”Kalibr” destroyed the hangars of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a large batch of foreign weapons “Russia is upgrading its ship- and submarine-launched Kalibr cruise missile to improve its performance for future combat operations – which is not so surprising, given the impressive arsenal of its cruise and ballistic missiles “, – the author points out, commenting on the reports of the Almaz-Antey concern about work on the modernization of the rocket. According to him, at the moment it is not known whether the modernization of the Caliber will correspond to the latest American developments on Tomahawk cruise missiles. As Osborne notes, Block IV Tomahawk missiles use a two-way data link to exchange target data and in-flight course corrections as needed. And the GPS-guided missile also has advanced mapping and navigation capabilities and loitering mode, hovering near possible targets. According to the observer, the question is how similar the upgraded Caliber will be to the new modifications of the Tomahawk. “The Russians did not disclose the details, but it is reasonable to assume that the Caliber will pose a threat to NATO for many years to come,” the author concludes. The Caliber family combines several types of missiles at once: anti-ship ZM-54K/ZM-54T part of high-explosive action) and ZM-14K/ZM-14T for strikes against ground targets (also equipped with high-explosive warheads). All models are unified in size and fit into the cells of the ZS14 ship complexes. The Kalibr-PL submarine variants are loaded into 533mm torpedo tubes.Read the full text of the article at InoSMI >>“Calibers” and “Daggers” are now guided dozens of times faster, Shoigu said


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