GENERICO.ruSport“Whipping Boys”: Teryushkov proposed introducing fines for criticizing judges

“Whipping Boys”: Teryushkov proposed introducing fines for criticizing judges

MOSCOW, April 29, Sergey Fuks. For criticizing the work of refereeing teams at matches of the Russian Football Championship on the part of managers, coaches and players, serious fines should be introduced, says Roman Teryushkov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Khimki football club.

" himself personally recommended to the league to introduce penalties for critics of referees. In principle, it is unacceptable to evaluate the work of referees by coaches and players; this should be done by the competent authorities that are in the league and the union, the Ministry of Sports of Russia. It's a bad trend when every game gets more and more criticism. I would introduce penalties, serious sanctions against players, coaches and clubs for criticizing referees", – said Teryushkov.

“I think after this this hysteria would go away by itself. You want to say – please, speak and pay “, for example, one million rubles. If you want more – speak out for the second time, the third, the fifth, but already on a progressive scale (fines). There is no such thing in hockey, there the referee is an indisputable authority. And we have made boys out of judges for whipping, this is wrong,” he added. According to Teryushkov, the tendency to criticize the work of the referee is very alarming. “It has become a common trend when everyone criticizes and puts pressure on the referee after the match, it will not lead to anything good. I have already suggested the opposite situation, so that the referees after the match criticize the players for their actions on the field – how they hit the ball, how many useful actions they perform which scheme the coach chooses. This will be interesting to hear, the judges will have something to say in this equal situation,” the source said.


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