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The Ministry of Defense of Belarus commented on the upcoming NATO exercises

Stela at the entrance to Belarus. File photoMINSK, April 30The Belarusian Defense Ministry said that the upcoming major NATO exercises in May indicate that the alliance views Eastern Europe as the most likely theater of operations. Minsk and Moscow are ready to respond quickly to threats, the Belarusian Defense Ministry said. It explains that the North Atlantic Alliance continues to prepare for the largest exercise “Defender Europe – 2022”. According to the press service, from May 1 to May 27, this large-scale multinational exercise is planned to be held at the training grounds and training centers of 19 European states, as well as in the waters of the Baltic and North Seas. It is emphasized that more than 12 thousand military personnel, 80 tanks, 150 armored combat vehicles, 50 artillery units, 30 combat helicopters. From the participating countries in Poland – about 6 thousand military personnel, 100 tanks, 150 armored combat vehicles, 60 pieces of artillery. European states for the reception and deployment of reinforcement troops, the use of coalition groupings of troops and their comprehensive support during the operation in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. The main maneuvers are planned to be carried out at training grounds and in training ground training centers of states adjacent to Belarus: “Adazhi” (Latvia), “Pabrade” (Lithuania), “Zagan”, “Ozhysh” (Poland) and the training center of the ground forces “Dravsko” (Poland). The Ministry of Defense of Belarus noted that against the same operational background with this exercise, it was planned to conduct exercises of the combined armed forces of NATO “Quick response-2022” (on the territory of Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia and N Norway) and the national armed forces of Slovakia “Slovak Shield-2022” at the Lesht training ground (Slovakia). Russian support

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