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CSTO will not use collective forces in a special operation in Ukraine

Flags of the CSTO member countries. Archival photo MOSCOW, May 18. The CSTO mandate does not provide for the possibility of using the collective forces of the organization during a special operation in Ukraine, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti. Earlier, CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas said that at the last May 16 At the anniversary summit of the organization, the issue of the possible involvement of collective forces during the special operation in Ukraine “was not raised or discussed.” legal assistanceIn turn, a source of RIA Novosti in the Russian Foreign Ministry, answering the question whether the possibility of involving the collective forces of the CSTO as part of a special operation was ruled out in general, that “the zone of responsibility of the CSTO is the territory of the countries of the alliance.” “This (Ukraine – ed.) is not our territory. The CSTO rules do not imply the use of funds in these territories. The peacekeeping forces operate only within the framework of the mandate,” the agency's interlocutor said.


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