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Carriers protest in Bulgaria over rising fuel prices

Protesters in Sofia, Bulgaria. File photoMOSCOW, May 18 Protests by drivers working for transport companies took place all over Bulgaria, resulting in blocking traffic on some highways, according to Novinite. Earlier, local media reported that public transport employees in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, protests were held demanding higher wages and lower gasoline prices; as part of the action, they blocked three roads in the capital. Later they were joined by drivers of heavy trucks. It was noted that applications for protests were also filed in other major Bulgarian cities. It is noted that truck drivers kept their promise not to block traffic on the country's key highways. “We look forward to continuing a constructive dialogue (with the Bulgarian authorities – ed.) and hope to achieve certain results, and until then we will continue to protest and will continue to defend our positions” , – said the head of the confederation of bus carriers, Magdalena Miltenova. The protesters said that if the government does not meet their demands by Sunday, traffic on important roads in the southwestern part of Bulgaria will be blocked on Monday, Novinite notes.Cypriot farmers poured tons of milk onto the road during a protest in Nicosia


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