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Putin instructed to create a state system for the protection of information

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MOSCOW, May 20.Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop a state system for the protection of information. He gave relevant instructions to the participants of the meeting of the Security Council. “I consider it expedient to consider the issue of creating a state information protection system. I also expect specific proposals from you on what additional steps should be taken to ensure the stable operation of the information infrastructure in government and public administration,” — he said. The head of state noted that a full-scale war is being waged against Russia in the information space. “The number of cyber attacks on the Russian information infrastructure has been constantly growing in recent years. In recent years, but with the start of a special military operation in the Donbass, in Ukraine, challenges in this area have become even sharper and more serious, more ambitious. In fact, a real aggression has been unleashed against Russia, a war in the information space, “Putin said. He added that the number of cyber attacks, including complex ones, has increased significantly.” , lone hackers, of course well, it's not possible. Attacks are launched from different states, and at the same time they are clearly coordinated. In fact, these are the actions of state structures,” he noted. The Russian leader recalled that cyber troops are already officially part of the armies of some countries. “Purposeful attempts are being made to disable the Internet resources of Russia's critical infrastructure. First of all, the mass media, financial institutions, mass socially significant portals and networks were under attack. Serious attacks were carried out on the official websites of the authorities,” Putin said. According to him, the corporate networks of large Russian companies are more often targeted by hackers. “In most cases, the following attack tactics are used: Access to Russian Internet resources is blocked, information becomes unavailable or replaced by fakes – fakes. At the same time, the most advanced algorithms and combined technologies are used,” the President said. The head of state stressed that those behind these attempts failed to achieve their goals. “Already today we can say that cyber aggression is against us, as in In general, the sanctions attack on Russia failed. In general, we were ready for this attack, and this is the result of the systematic work that has been carried out over the past years,” Putin said. At the end of April, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov said that the Kyiv authorities had organized 660 cyber attacks against Russian and Belarusian companies, banks and institutions. His deputy Alexander Bornyakov said in March that more than 300,000 people were involved in hacking attempts. Canadian authorities also announced their assistance to Kyiv in this industry. 2022/05/e24b12c66400b9355bc3b4dcd5ba674e.jpg” />NashStore strengthened protection after cyber attacks


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