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Turkish expert found an alternative to NATO for Ankara

State flags of Russia and Turkey. File photoANKARA, May 21.The time has come for Turkey to leave NATO, membership in the CSTO may become relevant in the near future, Turkish historian Mehmet Perincek told RIA Novosti. -for its policy and position on joining the alliance of Sweden and Finland. Turkey later stated that it could not say “yes” to these countries joining the military bloc due to their approaches to the Kurdish problem. “For a long time, NATO does not see Turkey as its ally. They have long taken Turkey out of the brackets. YPG (banned in Turkey Kurdistan Workers' Party – ed.) against Turkey. USA and NATO formed an anti-Turkish bloc in the Eastern Mediterranean, at NATO meetings in Italy and Norway, Turkey is symbolized as an enemy. Turkey's future is not in NATO, Ankara cannot ensure its security , its economic rise within NATO. It is necessary to turn our eyes to Eurasia, Russia, China, Syria, Azerbaijan. Turkey's entry into NATO began the process of Western control over Turkey. Turkey's membership in NATO has done Turkey nothing but harm. Now it is time to exit from NATO, it has become a necessity,” the analyst said. According to him, after leaving NATO, Turkey can organize a military bloc with the Eurasian countries, developing cooperation in this direction. NATO is confident that they will settle their differences with Turkey over Sweden and Finland”NATO's strategy is aimed at dividing the world, sowing war . In the near future, membership in the CSTO or another new organization will become relevant for Turkey,” the historian believes. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which united Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, was established on May 14, 2002. In accordance with the CSTO Charter, the main goals of the organization are to strengthen peace, international and regional security and stability, to protect on a collective basis the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the member states, in achieving which countries give priority to political means. US says it's time to expel Turkey from NATO


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