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EP Shared Pre-Voting Blockchain Encryption Keys

MOSCOW, May 22. United Russia has carried out the procedure for separating the encryption keys of the preliminary voting blockchain, RIA Novosti correspondent reports. According to the deputy secretary of the party's general council Sergei Perminov, more than 1 million 140 thousand people have registered as electors for preliminary voting, which is 9% of all voters April 16, 14:42 The State Duma will study who can be behind the creation of a fake website of the ER faction The competition for a seat for the legislative bodies of the constituent entities is 7.7 people per seat, the competition for a seat for city councils of administrative centers is 5.6 people per seat, Perminov added. The encryption key of United Russia's preliminary voting blockchain was divided into four parts and transferred to Senator Alexander Karelin, President of Rostelecom PJSC Mikhail Oseevsky, President of the Information Security Fund Ilya Massukh and Secretary of the St. Petersburg branch of United Russia, State Duma Deputy Sergei Boyarsky. The key will be connected at 21.00 on May 29, after which the counting of votes will begin. According to Perminov, this year the preliminary voting will take place entirely in electronic format. “Our unique procedure this year confirms its leadership characteristics. And we want to make this procedure safe , this procedure should not cause anyone absolutely no no doubt,” Perminov said.May 17, 13:03 Mironov proposed to discuss the postponement of the single voting dayAlso, answering journalists' questions, Perminov said that no one had any questions about the results of the electronic internal party voting “neither in the previous electoral cycle, nor before”, besides electronic voting convenient for the residents themselves, and also saves time and resources.” If you know, in the current political season, just like in the previous two years of the fight against the pandemic, we have the bulk of the resources that could be spent on preparing and conducting offline preliminary voting, we spend on the work of our volunteer centers to help people who, due to known circumstances, are outside their permanent places of residence on the territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk Republics.Therefore, for us it is a fundamentally important point – to spend resources where they are needed at this moment in time. Therefore, yes, we will continue to work,” Perminov said. He also added that the sanctions are limited IT solutions will not affect the course of electronic voting. “Of course, sanctions create certain difficulties in acquiring servers, but I must say that thanks to the active support of the president and governments, a lot has been done lately,” Oseevsky said and stressed that the voting system used by the United Russia party is based on Russian IT solutions.May 20, 15:47 United Russia announced an increase in the number of cyber attacks on party resources April 18 to May 27. During the elections, 21.5 thousand mandates will be determined on a single voting day in 34 regions of Russia. The preliminary voting of United Russia in the federal elections of 2021 took place from May 24 to May 30, about 12 million people took part in it. Western countries imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation because of Ukraine. A number of companies announced their withdrawal from the Russian market and the closure of production facilities in the country. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that companies that refuse to work with Russia did so under enormous pressure, but Russia will solve all the problems with the economy that the West creates for it. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the policy of containing and weakening Russia is a long-term strategy of the West, and the sanctions dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy. According to him, the main goal of the West is to worsen the lives of millions of people. He added that the United States and the European Union actually defaulted on their obligations to Russia, freezing its foreign exchange reserves. The President said that the current events draw a line under the global dominance of the West in both politics and economics. on import substitution


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