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In the LPR announced 500 dead residents of Rubizhne

Rubezhnoe. Archival photoLUGANSK, May 23.As a result of active hostilities and shelling in the city of Rubizhne, at least 500 civilians were killed, Sergey Belov, a member of the board of the Lugansk organization “We will not forget, we will not forgive,” told RIA Novosti. According to data, 350 civilians who died and died in April-May are recorded in the register of the dead, which were kept by self-organized local residents. Another 100-150 people or even more are buried in spontaneous burials throughout the city or are under rubble and in their own apartments. “Three hundred and fifty (recorded) in the book. At least another 100-150 went past the book – cellars, forests and so on. I I would put it this way: the death toll could be more than 500,” Belov told RIA Novosti. Earlier, the LPR authorities announced that 400 residents of Rubizhne had died during the hostilities. Some of them died of natural causes, but they were also buried spontaneously – due to the dangerous situation, it was impossible to organize funerals in cemeteries. Last week, the organization “We Will Not Forget, We Will Not Forgive” began exhuming such graves in Rubizhnoye. The remains of Dmitry Lemish, born in 1974, and his daughter's fiancé, Vitaly Krekin, born in 2001, were exhumed first. They tried to leave Rubizhne as refugees, but they came under mortar fire and died on the spot. Local residents temporarily buried them at the place of death. According to the organization, Lemish's daughter also died during the hostilities, but on a different day.


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