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  5. More than 1,800 Beijing residents sent to Zhangjiakou for quarantine

More than 1,800 Beijing residents sent to Zhangjiakou for quarantine

Beijing city. File photoBEJING, May 23Beijing authorities sent more than 1,800 residents of the Haidian district in the west of the capital to centralized quarantine in the city of Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, where one of the Olympic villages of the 2022 Winter Olympics was located, the Beijing Daily reported on Monday. Zhangjiakou is located almost 200 kilometers from center of Beijing, where during the Olympics one of the Olympic clusters was located and competitions were held, including cross-country skiing and biathlon. Why this particular city was chosen as the place of centralized quarantine for Beijingers is not specified. Also, there have not yet been reports that residents of other districts of the capital besides the Haidian District are being quarantined there.In Beijing, 99 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in a day to whom not only the person with a positive PCR test is sent to centralized quarantine, but also all close contacts, they are monitored by specialists, they are repeatedly tested, and only after the doctors are absolutely sure that the person has not fallen ill and is not an asymptomatic carrier , he can be released from quarantine. That is why the number of isolated people is many times greater than the number of infected.  It is noted that the quarantine period for those who were contact, but not infected, will be a total of 14 days – 7 days in centralized quarantine and 7 days in self-isolation at home. Over 100 vehicles were involved in the safe transportation of more than 1800 people, it is indicated that during transportation, due social distance and all anti-epidemiological measures were strictly observed. Zhangjiakou city authorities provided seven hotels that previously served international events to organize a centralized quarantine. At the same time, it is not indicated whether there are those who received participants and guests of the Olympics among them. China on COVID-19The Beijing authorities sent about 100 employees of various departments to Zhangjiakou to properly ensure the organization of quarantine, including about 40 doctors, 24 security officers, almost 40 party and government officials at various levels. In recent weeks, Beijing has been living in conditions quite strict anti-epidemiological restrictions, however, a complete lockdown, as in Shanghai, is not introduced in the capital.  Residents of many districts are required to do a PCR test several times a week, in some residential complexes they are required to undergo daily testing, the work of entertainment and cultural institutions, gyms, swimming pools, shops, catering establishments have been suspended in the city.The first variant of coronavirus BA.4 was identified in the Philippines