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Western politicians do not know what Russia is, Lavrov said

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Archival photoMOSCOW, May 24.Western politicians who say it is necessary to defeat Russia “on the battlefield” probably did not study well at school and do not know it, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday.< p>"They say that Russia must "be defeated", they must "defeat Russia", make Russia "lose on the battlefield". I'm sure you know history better than Western politicians who cast such "incantations". They must have done poorly in school. They draw wrong conclusions from their understanding of the past and what Russia is",” said Lavrov, speaking as part of the project of the Yevgeny Primakov Gymnasium "100 questions to the leader".

The Foreign Minister expressed his conviction that in the end the West will have to recognize “the reality that is being created” on earth “. “It will be forced to admit that it is impossible to constantly attack Russian vital interests, Russians, wherever they live, with impunity,” he said. Lavrov also admitted that he was amazed at the speed with which the West took a Russophobic position after the start of the special operation in Ukraine. “This means that what they thought about Russia did not disappear anywhere, starting from the 16th-17th-18th centuries,” the minister noted. Economic ties between Russia and China will grow even faster, Lavrov saidThe Foreign Minister also stated that many Western countries play along with Russophobic manifestations at the household level. According to him, approximately the same is happening with the leaders of Ukraine – they “say that they are owed, that why Germany is turning so slowly, that some kind of” liver sausage “leads” Germany. it was impossible,” the minister noted. After the start of a military special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the United States and the European Union stepped up sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many states have announced the freezing of Russian assets, and calls to abandon energy carriers have become louder. All this has already turned into problems for the West, provoking a sharp rise in prices for fuel and essential products. peace”


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