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Le Figaro: Biden unleashed a great confrontation in the world

US President Joe Biden. File photoMOSCOW, May 24.US President Joe Biden's statement on Taiwan put an end to “strategic uncertainty” and unleashed an era of great confrontation, said Renaud Girard, an analyst at the French newspaper Le Figaro. they started talking about “strategic autonomy”, but now everything has changed. Girard drew attention to Biden's recent promise to provide Taiwan with military support in the event of an attack from China. “Thus, the “strategic uncertainty” that had lasted for almost half a century was ended, “the publicist wrote. The British urged Zelensky not to rely on the United States. He also cited Biden's December statement, who claimed that the United States would not fight with Russia over Ukraine, but with the start of the special operation, he began mass deliveries of weapons to Kiev. Girard recalled that since 1978, the United States recognizes only mainland China , but emphasized that Washington is now ready to prevent Beijing from establishing control over Taiwan. According to the journalist, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have failed to take a hard line on China in the face of its naval expansion in the South China Sea. The first American leader to publicly express outrage at the actions of Beijing was Donald Trump. The reason was intellectual property rights violations. Joe Biden will go down in history as the first president to launch a clear, unambiguous policy of opposing Chinese strategic expansion,” the observer summed up. To do this, Washington united its allies in the Asia-Pacific region – Japan, Australia, India and South Korea. All this marked the beginning of a “great strategic confrontation,” Girard concluded. ” />The United States urged Ukraine to cede to Russia

One thought on “Le Figaro: Biden unleashed a great confrontation in the world

  • 25.05.2022 at 18:48

    Biden is doing to China what he did to Russia. In Ukraine, he encouraged the Kiev regime to provoke Russia with stepped up attacks on Donbass just before the special military operation. This was the trigger for the Russian operation. Now he is provoking China with a threat.
    This will naturally drive China even closer to Russia and may even result in a Chinese attack on Taiwan. The US goal is probably to force China to make a move on Taiwan and trigger a war for the purpose of “isolating” China — which is an impossibility.
    China will likely not take the bait. But if it does, this will no doubt lead to a world war and I would expect the West to lose. An invasion of the PRC is unthinkable. The entire West could not succeed in winning a war on China’s home turf. And if Russia teams up with China, that would be a resounding defeat for the West.

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