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China reacts sharply to visit of US congressmen to Taiwan

Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers in front of national flags. Archival photoMOSCOW, 14 Aug. Beijing urges Washington to stop interfering in the country's internal affairs and adhere to the “one China” policy, Liu Xiaoming, special representative of the Chinese government for the Korean Peninsula, wrote on Twitter. The diplomat commented on the new trip of US congressmen to Taiwan. As previously reported by the media, the visit of the US congressional delegation led by Senator Ed Markey to Taipei on August 14 and 15 is part of a larger visit to the Indo-Pacific region. .jpg” />The media predicted the outcome of China's possible battle for Taiwan”This is a very dangerous move, which is like playing with fire. And those who play with fire will die from it. We urge the countries concerned to adhere to the “One China” policy, deal with issues properly, related to Taiwan, as well as stop interfering in Beijing's internal affairs,” Xiaoming said. He also added that anyone who tries to prevent China's reunification will face a “great steel wall” forged by the hands of more than 1.4 billion people in the country.< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/44e28d526eada8118a21f8bae7d61c49.jpg" />Zhang Hanhui: China-Taiwan reunification cannot be stoppedTaiwan's situation has escalated following a recent trip by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to become the highest-ranking U.S. official who have visited the island in the last 25 years. The visit to the island was the impetus for a new round of tension in the Taiwan Strait. Since August 4, the Chinese army has been conducting exercises off the coast of Taiwan. In addition, Beijing has imposed sanctions against Pelosi herself, her relatives and two Taiwanese funds. The responsibility for all the negative consequences of the official's visit was laid on Washington and Taipei by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. China does not recognize the sovereignty of Taiwan, considers it its province and categorically opposes any of its contacts with officials and military from other countries.China stops Ukrainianization of Taiwan


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