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Gymnast Polstyanaya decided not to play for the national team of Latvia after the scandal

MOSCOW, Aug 17, Anastasia Panina. Russian gymnast Elizaveta Polstyanaya, who represented Latvia at competitions, said that she was not going to continue her sports career in the country after the scandal. Polstyanaya started her career in Russia, but in 2018 she became a citizen of Latvia and began playing for the national team. In August, the athlete announced that she was banned from participating in the 2022 World Championships. Explaining her statement in more detail, Polstyanaya told LETA that she had received a letter with an ultimatum. She was required to renounce Russian citizenship and continue to represent Latvia. In case of refusal, the athlete was expelled from the national team. “After July 29, I was informed about the impossibility of taking part in the World Championships and the tournaments leading up to it in San Marino and Romania, as well as my exclusion from the Olympic team, the coach and I decided to suspend the training process.Because the reason for the exclusion from the national team is that I have Russian citizenship, which I cannot refuse.The situation looked like an unsolvable problem with no positive prospects.I was depressed and needed the support of my relatives, so I made a decision return to Russia,” Polstyanaya says in her address.Excerpts from the official letter to the Latvian Gymnastics Federation (LVF):

All this time, I kept in shape with home workouts, as I understood that I had no right to train in Russia until the final determination of my status. This is prohibited by the Latvian authorities. Together with the coach, having assessed all the circumstances, we came to the understanding that I would not be able to gain the optimal competitive shape in order to adequately perform at the World Championships. The training process was interrupted, and the time for preparation is limited.

In my case, the forced preparation process is excluded, since I have a number of chronic injuries that require a special approach in training, especially after a long pause. I cannot afford to perform at such a significant and responsible tournament as the World Championship without preparation. This is not only my reputation as an athlete, but also the reputation of the country I represent.

The requirements put forward to me by the Latvian Olympic Union (LOV) and the decision of the Latvian Gymnastics Federation to remove me from competitions affected my psychological state. I need time to come to emotional and psychological stability.

Amendments to the law adopted by the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOK) on May 18, 2022 regarding athletes with Russian citizenship do not allow further movement towards my goals – qualification and participation in the Olympic Games. Throughout my sports career, my family has fully financed my activities. Getting into the Latvian Olympic team allowed only partially to remove the financial burden from it. Withdrawal of funding would never be a reason to abandon my goal.

You know that I will not be allowed to take part in qualifying competitions and participate in the Olympic Games in the future. Due to the above circumstances, the limitations of my sports activities and the current situation of misunderstanding, I no longer see the possibility of continuing my sports career in Latvia.


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