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The lawyer told how Norway can avoid WADA sanctions

MOSCOW, Aug 19, by Oleg Bogatov.Norway will have to bring the country's legislation into line with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code to avoid being recognized as inconsistent with the organization's code, lawyer Anna Antseliovich said. their obligations under the International Anti-Doping Code. It is noted that the matter is in the local law on testing underage athletes from 15 to 18 years old, who cannot be tested for doping without parental consent. Because of this, over the past two years, not a single minor has been tested without warning of the visit of an anti-doping official. , if some category of athletes is removed from testing, then the number of cases of using prohibited substances and methods can potentially increase there. Realizing that they are not tested and, accordingly, they are not punished. Therefore, such categories are given a special status, as in the case (of the Russian figure skater ) Kamila Valieva as a minor. But they are still subject to testing – for their protection and, possibly, punishment,” Anceliovich said. Corrections to the law code, like we have RUSADA, and a potential restriction on the wire nie international competitions, – added the expert. – But discrepancy to discrepancy is different, and the consequences are different. Not every deviation from the standards of the code immediately leads to the removal of the country from participation in the Olympic Games, especially since WADA gives a period for correction. I think it's not worth saying that Norway will definitely not take part in the 2024 Games in Paris.”


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