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The Telegraph: Western aid to Ukraine dried up at a decisive moment

MOSCOW, 19 Aug. The Ukrainian crisis has entered a critical phase, but Western states no longer put forward initiatives to supply Kyiv with weapons and money, writes the British newspaper The Telegraph. According to the Kiel Institute for World Economics, July was the first month after the outbreak of hostilities, during which no significant promises were made about international support for Ukraine from the largest economies in Europe. over Ukraine”Although the armed conflict is entering a critical phase, new aid initiatives have dried up,” said German expert Christoph Trebesh. will weaken, the authors of the British publication believe.Against the background of the Russian special operation to protect the Donbass, which began on February 24, the United States and its allies ICs for NATO continue to supply billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly pointed to Western attempts to drag out the fighting. The Russian Defense Ministry has warned that ammunition depots will become legitimate targets for the Russian Aerospace Forces in the neighboring republic. 08/05cf2267c168f9c133e97b92866ddc4a.jpg” />August 13, 16:44A scheme of mass evasion of men from conscription in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was revealed in Ukraine


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